community philosophy

the stricklands speak about creating an equestrian commuity to save a forest

 We began this adventure when the 2,005 acres of forest next to our 95 acre Serenity Farm was put on the market in 2003. We wanted to save it from the kind of dense development that is occurring everywhere in Western North Carolina. We try to keep this original goal in mind with every decision we make. Walnut Creek Preserve has been designed as a community for families who love the outdoors and nature and value the concept of preserved open space.

The philosophy of “save the land first” plays out in the site planning of Walnut Creek Preserve. A very limited number of homesites (no more than 25) results in extremely low density and exceptional privacy. Homesites, roadways and trails have been selected for reasons that began with the question “what is best for the land”. The answers include protecting the streams and the varied habitats created by the hilly topography. When we help a buyer choose a house or barn site, our decisions are not only about beautiful views for potential buyers but also about our impact on the land itself, about the need to protect mature trees, to avoid erosion, to provide wildlife corridors in every direction. 
We are privileged to share in the life of this wild place. Whether we are riding our horses on one of the many trails, or hiking along a stream with our Golden Retrievers, or jogging up a road, or merely sitting quietly by the waterfall, the spirit of this Preserve calms and enriches our daily lives.

Walnut Creek Preserve is not a community that fits every life style. The setting is rural; starlight will take the place of street lights; each home site will be isolated from any other. You will have your own farm, yet with like minded neighbors nearby and more acreage to play on than you could ever imagine. Although you can easily go to town for services and supplies and a high end grocery store is minutes from every homesite, if shopping is your idea of daily fun, then you will probably not want to live here. On the other hand, modern technology makes it possible to conduct business from Walnut Creek Preserve just as you would from any other place. This is true freedom!

This is not a “second home” community. Our buyers who have already built their home live here full time, sharing in the pleasures of this land with us and others, enjoying the deep satisfaction of watching their horses happily at pasture, or teaching children or grandchildren how to really observe nature up close.  Walnut Creek Preserve has attracted families from all across the country who sought the climate, the varied cultural activities, and the equestrian culture.