Note: Parcel acreage is approximate and subject to survey. Grass acreage is based on GPS measurement and therefore fairly accurate. Prices are on a per parcel basis and are subject to change.

1This 20 acre parcel, with over 9 open acres planted in pasture grass, offers privacy and yet a sense of openness as you enter the drive and are met by a wide angle southern view of White Oak Mountain. The homesite offers extremely easy access onto Grassy Knob Road and easy building conditions. You can watch your horses in their upper pasture from your home. Your parcel is bordered by woods and surrounded by Beech Trail to the east and North Boundary Trail to the north, west and south, giving you complete access to all of the trails in the Preserve. Under contract
2When you stand on the gentle hill where your home will be, this 18 acre parcel presents you with a knockout view of Sugarloaf Mountain and Hickory Nut Gorge, with the panorama expanding south to include Wildcat Spur. Come through the Walnut Creek Preserve gate on Blazing Star Lane and your home awaits. You will love living here! With 10 acres of pasture grass which has been planted and maintained for your horses, you can enjoy watching them graze from your windows and have immediate access to the many trails. $475,000
3Off Grassy Knob Road on Blazing Star Lane, hillside housesite with excellent views to south and views to west. Primarily pasture with surroundingwoods. Adjoins conserved lands and trails. Total 15 acres with 9.5 acres of pasture.SOLD
4Off Grassy Knob Road on Blazing Star Lane, housesite overlooking the pasture with interior views of the Preserve, and a long range southern mountain view. Parcel has conservation land on two sides and adjoins trails. Total 18 acres with 9.5 acres of pasture. Viewshed is very protected.SOLD
5If you desire privacy and quiet, this parcel at the end of Blazing Star Lane is your dream site, with 19 beautifully secluded acres totally surrounded by conservation forest directly accessible to 50 miles of private trails. Your building site offers long range mountain views to the north and west as well as a panoramic view of the 8 acre pasture for your horses. A topographical map of the building site has been prepared to help you get started.$500,000
6If the sound of water makes you happy, this 10.8 acre parcel is for you since it sits above Walnut Creek right where the water wends its way south from the rocky hillside edges to the open fields. The homesite on this parcel off of Maggie Pye Lane is unique: it has great privacy while also offering views of the hills and valley to the south. Ride from your doorstep to the Nature Center at the west end of Maggie Pye. Sitting above White Water Trail, you can easily walk or ride down to enjoy nature’s pool and to join all the trails on the north side of Walnut Creek. Your five acre pasture can handle two horses and is easy to maintain.SOLD
7This exceptional parcel enters Walnut Creek Preserve from Edgerton Road with the driveway on Maggie Pye Lane at the top of the hill. Outstanding views are yours in all directions and you have your choice of homesites on this largely open parcel. A ribbon of woods surrounds you on three sides. Build your barn so you can enjoy the view from there as well. With more than 18 acres of pasture for your horses, this parcel can satisfy a family of horse lovers! (Resale) SOLD
8Visitors to this 21 acre parcel marvel at the panoramic views of North Carolina’s many mountains. Three fingers of gently sloping field lead to the Walnut Creek Preserve conservation area and more than 50 miles of private trails that weave in and out of the forest. Your home can take advantage of southern exposure for solar heating if you wish and this site provides extraordinary mountain views to the north, inviting you to include a generous porch for summer entertaining. Your barn can share the view as well, and the 9 acres of pasture grass will make your horses very happy. SOLD
9This parcel has an easy access from Aden Green Road on its own private drive. Almost 22 acres, the parcel includes 11 acres of grass on two high hillsides with gentle slopes. Fantastic western, northern and northeastern mountain views, and beautiful interior views of the conservation area make this parcel highly desirable. SOLD
10With views to the west, north and east, this 13.3 acre parcel sits off Aden Green Road along West Maggie Pye Lane and offers a lovely homesite overlooking the preserve in the near view and a sweeping mountain range in the far view. The 9 acre open area has plenty of grass for your horses and trails are at your doorstep. SOLD
11Off Aden Green Road this parcel has a total of 17 acres with 10 acres pasture. Views are expansive to the north and west across the Preserve. The parcel offers privacy and woods on all side, with the homesite on a hillside facing north.SOLD
12Off Blanton Road on Walnut Falls Drive, this parcel is not currently developed for horse pasture but it is an interior parcel, mostly wooded with an open lawn area of about 1 acre. Great views from the open area reveal the western range. The parcel is approximately 19 acres and has the conservation line on its boundary. The potential homesite could be either in the grassy area or on a knoll with western and southern views. Pasture development prior to purchase is an option with a price adjustment. $350,000
14Off Blanton Road on Walnut Falls Lane, interior east finger site. Total 19 acres with 8 acres pasture. Beautiful interior views and long range southern and western views. Conservation lands to east, south and west.SOLD
15Off Blanton Road on Walnut Falls Drive, this parcel includes a great homesite surrounded on three sides by woods for privacy, with grass stretching out to the west framed by beautiful mountain views. The parcel is 23.94 acres with 14 acres of grass. (Resale) SOLD
16Off Blanton Road on Walnut Falls Drive, this dramatic parcel has a high home site with expansive views of the western mountains. Surrounded on three sides by woods for privacy and centrally located for an easy jaunt down to the waterfall, the 24-acre parcel has over 11 acres of grass for you and your horses. (Resale) $500,000$500,000
17Off Blanton Road on Homestead Trail, this homesite is surrounded by conservation land, well protected and private. Homestead Trail at its boundary leads down to Walnut Creek and a bridge across the creek to the southern trails. The parcel is 19 acres with 4.6 acres of grass, filtered summer mountain views and some open winter mountain views. $375,000
18Off Blanton Road, former Ocie Burnett farm, with 11.5 acres of pasture and total of 17 acres. Adjoins Ginger Creek and conservation land. Easy access and nice mountain views.SOLD
19Off Coopers Trace, one of two parcels in this interior area, with lovely mountain views to south and west. Parcel home site sits on the hill, surrounded by about 7 acres of pasture and 20 acres total.SOLD
20Off Coopers Trace, one of two private parcels in this interior area, with mountain views to the north and west. Total about 20 acres with 11 acres of gently rolling pasture. Beautiful ridge homesite with mountain and pasture views.SOLD
21This lovely 10.85 acre hillside parcel is for those who love seeing horses, may enjoy riding but don’t want to own a horse at this point in their lives. This easy to care for parcel has excellent view of Shumont Mountain and Bill’s Mountain to the north and of Sugarloaf Mountain to the west. Woods surrounding the open area drop to Witch Hazel Trail and invite homeowner and guests to walk and explore the many miles of maintained trails and delightful creeks in Walnut Creek Preserve. $299,000
22If you have several horses and want plenty of pasture for their happiness, this 21 acre parcel off Blanton Road on Coopers Trace includes 15 acres of grass and several mountain view building sites for house and barn. The pasture is already partially fenced and other Walnut Creek Preserve owners will welcome you as riding companions. Start your trail ride on Yucca Trail and follow Ginger Creek down to Walnut Creek Trail and on to many other trails in the vicinity of this beautiful parcel.$475,000
23Off Coopers Trace, this 15 acre parcel has a lovely mountain view housesite facing the western ridge of Sugarloaf Mountain and the Wildcat Spur range. The parcel has 8 acres of grass, and is surrounded by trails and streams on two sides. This is a lovely, private, interior parcel in Walnut Creek Preserve.SOLD
24Off Coopers Trace, this 18 acre parcel has 11 acres of grass and an outstanding homesite with multiple mountain views. The parcel is adjacent to one of the Walnut Creek Preserve perimeter trails, which links to all the other trails in the community. A stream flows next to the parcel.SOLD
25This 21 acre parcel has one of the most level pastures in the Preserve, with over 12 acres of grass on the lower level and a lovely winding drive up to the very private home site above, taking advantage of the expansive mountain view to the west. Easy access from Edgerton Road as well as immediate access to the trails makes this private parcel especially appealing.$465,000